You need warrify
to never miss a warranty to get exclusive discounts to decrease bureaucratic pain

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How it works

1. Choose item

Select the product you just bought.

2. Take Foto of Receipt

A digital copy (foto) of the receipt is sufficient for future warranty claims.

3. Done

All your products and the respective warranty claims are right at your fingertips.

What warrify offers

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All your warranties are stored securely in the cloud. You can access them 24/7 no matter where you are

Time savings

Contact details for the responsible parties are directly included which eliminates internet research to get contact information.

Money savings

Using existing warranties instead of buying a new product or even paying for the repair can save a lot of money

Our Team

Enzo Duit

My job is to model the idea of awesome product assistance into a sustainable business.

Simon Hasenauer
Simon Hasenauer, CMO

Want to get in touch with warrify or have any questions?
I´m your man!

Matthias Pichler
Matthias Pichler, CTO

I transform strategy into code to make our vision a usable product that makes life easier.


You are an awesome designer, sales rep or developer and want to join? Let's get in touch!


2 Minuten 2 Millionen Auftritt - Garantie aufbewahren

warrify pitched in front of the jury in the Puls4 startup show 2 Minutes 2 Million. Click on the picture to figure out what the investors said.

App Garantie Safe Rechnungen
Go-Live of the App
January 2019

You can download warrify now from the App-Store and from Google Play. Saving warranties is now a thing of the past. Choose product, take picture of the receipt, have all the necessary information available.

Berkeley Startup Warrify - Garantie aufbewahren

One week at the University of Berkeley ended with another victory of Team Warrify. We convinced a jury of Silicon Valley veterans including Apple and Uber employees. First Silicon Valley company visits, meetings with accelerators and a day off at Lake Tahoe concluded the trip.