Digital receipt as an opportunity for customer loyalty and engagement

Smart receipts, customer insights and targeted aftersales on a single platform. warrify manages to maintain the connection between merchant and customer even after the purchase. 

100% paperless

Transfer the receipt digitally in compliance with the law and save valuable resources. Show that the environment is important to you and minimize your ecological footprint.

Customer insights

From each digital receipt we generate the most important information about the products. Use these insights about purchasing behavior to offer personalized offers. 

Customer loyalty

Stay in touch with your customers through the digital receipt. Use the receipt as an extended communication channel to increase customer loyalty.


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warrify revolutionizes digital receipt

warrify works with retailers and POS providers to deliver an interactive, smart receipt directly to the customer’s smartphone. It’s that simple…

1. Payment

Customer pays with cash or card

2. warrify Magic

Purchase is processed by warrify and POS system

3. Satisfaction

warrify creates interactive receipt

Works out of the Box

Kickoff appointment with warrify

Discussion of the requirements – what is particularly important to you?

Contact cash register provider

You inform your POS provider and we take care of the rest

Ready for a paperless future

You can now transfer receipts digitally and contactless

Your data is safe with us

warrify attaches great importance to highest data security standards

This is why warrify builds its infrastructure exclusively on services certified according to the following ISO standards (ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27018:2019, ISO/IEC 27017:2015, ISO 9001:2015)

warrify values maximum privacy

Therefore, we analyse data exclusively in aggregated and anonymous form. Personal data is encrypted at all times in our 100% GDPR-compliant infrastructure.

warrify offers digital receipt for free during Covid-19

Contactless receipt transfer is a great opportunity to improve hygiene at the point of sale and to ensure optimum protection for consumers and employees. 

warrify wants to support exactly this and therefore offers its service for the entire trade during the Corona crisis free of charge.