Your receipt 100% paperless

Receive all digital receipts directly to your smartphone. Simply scan the QR Code at the cash desk and decide where you want to store the receipt. Relaxed or?

All receipts in one place

Annoyed by paper receipts that only get lost and waste valuable resources? Receive digital receipts at the cash register or simply scan them afterwards and be reminded when a warranty is about to expire. 

Go warrify & Go Paperless

Scan the QR code at the cash register

Overview of all your receipts

Smart receipt linked with additional information & services

Digital receipts protect environment

Worldwide more than 300 billion receipts are being printed every year. This results in tremendous amounts of waste and comes at the cost of millions of trees, barrels of oil and litres of water.

Read more about the environmental impact on our blog. warrify’s digital receipts put an end to this once and for all. 

Your paperless shopping experience will soon be available at

You enjoy shopping online?

Your receipts are from online purchases are lost in your email inbox? No Problem, with warrify you can easily export all receipts from the mailbox directly to the app. Find out more here