You find it annoying to physically store receipts and warranties?

Store receipts and warranties of your purchased items with warrify. Our app makes it easier than ever to manage your receipts and it also lets you claim your warranties directly in the app with just one click.
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How it works

1. Take a photo of your receipt

You can either take a photo or select an existing one from your photo gallery. The photo of the receipt will then be stored in the product view and is available at any time.

2. Capture data of the receipt

Save the most important data such as date of purchase, price or manufacturer. If necessary you can also add additional information, for instance when you bought extra warranty.

3. Enjoy benefits of warrify

Congratulations - you never have to look for an invoice again, you can claim warranties and you will be informed about repair shops nearby if needed - all of that with just one click.

Why warrify?

With just one app, you get support throughout the entire lifecycle of your products. Not only can you store all your receipts and warranties, you can also claim or extend warranties, repair or even resell your products – all at the touch of a button.

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Money savings

Claiming warranties or repairing a device instead of throwing it away won’t only benefit the environment, but also your wallet. In addition, you will receive regular discount codes tailored to your needs.

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Time savings

Warrify is directly linked to retailers and manufacturers, which not only makes it easier to look for the receipt but also for the responsible contact person. An email including all relevant information can be sent with just one click.

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Support product lifecycle

It doesn’t matter whether you want to claim warranties, repair devices or resell certain products, warrify makes it all possible with just one click. Hence we can ensure support throughout the entire lifecycle of your devices.


All your receipts and warranties are securely being stored in the cloud and are accessible 24/7 from everywhere. Your smartphone is broken or you got yourself a new one? No problem, you can log in to your account from any device.