Transforming the paper receipt into a smart marketing tool

Smart receipts, customer insights and targeted after sales, all combined on just one platform. warrify maintains the connection between the retailers and customers even after the purchase.

More than just a digital receipt

No matter which POS System you are using, warrify enables you to deliver smart digital receipts to your customers with no app required.

Through that suddenly the annoying checkout process becomes an opportunity to interact with your customers and to engage them – Besides that, every receipt saves money and protects the environment. 

You already offer digital receipts? Great! warrify makes them smarter.

Provide your customers with a digital and sustainable alternative to the paper receipt

1. Scan QR code at the cash register

2. Customer chooses where he wants to save the receipt

3. Purchase/Product is being saved in warrify with receipt attached

Get to know your customers

From every receipt that your customer gets, warrify extracts the most relevant data of the product (Age, price, brand,…).

Thus we can provide you with valuable insights about your customers, which you can use to increase customer loyalty. 

Recurring revenue through targeted aftersales


Make the perfect offer based on your customer’s preferences


Offer your customer a follow-up product


Offer products of a certain category, which your customers haven’t got yet 

Your benefits at a glance

Lowers costs per receipt
Protects the environment
Increases customer loyalty
Targeted customer aftersales

Benefits for your customers

warrify enables customers to save all receipts and provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.

They can claim or extend warranties, repair or even resell products – All of that with just one click. 


Worldwide more than 300 billion receipts are being every year. This results in tremendous amounts of waste and comes at the cost of millions of trees, barrels of oil and litres of water.

warrify’s digital receipt puts an end to this once and for all. 

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